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Sunday, 27 July 2014

My new Etsy store also named Samellion Chameleon :)

Join me on my etsy journey i have decided to start selling the things i make on etsy as i love making them but end up make too many. Here is a link if you want to check it out :)


6 types of Hair brushes explained

1.  Vented brush is good for reducing frizziness. It is also good to use when blow drying the air blows between the bristles to make your hair less static, and it helps your hair dry more quickly too.
2. The round brush is perfect for creating soft shape, body and movement in your hair. If you are looking for some serious volume and style then you will need a good round brush.
3. The Ceramic brush, these types of hairbrushes have ceramic-coated barrels, which retain heat and temperature when used with a blow dryer. This makes it ideal if you want to give your hair soft waves/loose curls, or if you just want to dry it quickly and evenly
4. You need a paddle brush if you are after super sleek, smooth hair then the paddle brush is the one to go for. Use it before you straighten your hair for best results. It is also ideal if you have a lot of hair, as the bush has a large surface area.

5. Synthetic bristle brush, no matter how tangled your hair may be, there is still a brush out there that's perfect for you! Try a synthetic bristle brush. The synthetic bristles easily go through your hair and leave it looking shiny, soft and tangle free.

 6. Barrel brushes are the ones you use if you want waves/curls to form. They are perfect for turning the ends of bobs under rather than having them fall straight, and for styling your bangs.

Friday, 25 July 2014

my lipstick collection

Today i went through my make up collection and decided to share my favourite lip colours with you. Some i bought myself others were gifts from +Vanessa Thornton or from my other friends.

Guest list by Rimmel London
Fushia by w7
coral in gold by Rimmel London

Pink Candy by Revlon

Clear Rose by Calvin Klein

Fatal Red by Maybelline

Pink Gossip by Rimmel London

Purple Haze by Colour co

Ravish Me Red by Revlon

 Out of all of the colours my top 3 would be:

 1. Ravish Me Red by Revlon. . .Love it because it has bright pigments and goes well with my style and skin tone plus it is great for evening and daytime wear looks great in artifical and natural light.

 2. Purple Haze by Colour co. . . Love this one because this colour is just great it really pops and is quite moisturising

 3. Fushia by W7. . . Love fushia because the fushia colour is very fun and playful a great alternative to the traditional red lip.

p.s loving my Doctor Who shirt . . . Hella yeah. . . Allons-y :)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

7 ways to treat and cover up sunburn

Coming from the UK i am blessed with very fair skin, however since moving to sunny Australia i have found that i can not walk to my mail box without getting sunburnt :( so i have come up with 7 tips to cover up sunburn so you don't stick out like a tomato in a group of peaches.

1. Before you start trying to cover up a sunburn, the first thing you want to do is treat the burn
Take an aspirin, have a cool shower and moisturize your skin to help it heal.

2. Use Products that contains lactic acid will help with skin cell turnover and humectants attract water and increases flexibility of skin. Try to stay away moisturizers with emollients (like an ointment) which can actually irritate skin that’s been sunburned.

3.  Apply suncream, look for physical suncreams that contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide. Some people avoid physical suncreams because they tend to leave a white cast, but you can easily cover that up with makeup.

4. When you are sunburnt your skin is very red and you want to tone it down a bit, By using a green or yellow tinted moisturizer which hydrates while minimizing redness. This will help ease irritation and flushing and it also contains a slight color correcting tint to conceal redness.

5.  Apply hypoallergenic mineral makeup which will help cover up redness, offer sun protection and give you light and comfortable coverage. If you’re not a fan of mineral makeup, i suggest using airbrush spray makeup and tapping it very lightly with a non-latex sponge.

6.  Applying bronzer will help tone down redness on your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks as well as balance out your skin tone. Pick a bronzer color that doesn’t contain a lot of pink pigments and apply it very gently with a brush to reduce the redness of sunburn.

7.  You might have some areas that need a little more coverage than others and if so, you’ll want to pick up a corrective yellow concealer in stick form which is thicker in consistency. If you don't use a mineral powder for foundation, you can use a hypoallergenic powder to set your makeup and you’re all done!


extra tip : While you have a sunburn, avoid any type of shimmery makeup which will actually accentuate the burned areas.

7 mascara tips for fuller lashes

  1. Apply two coats of mascara to build up the coverage, One surefire mascara trick for fuller lashes is to apply two coats of mascara! Now, you want to apply the mascara when the first coat is still wet.                     .     . 
  2. Adding powder on your lashes, I actually had no idea that putting a bit of powder on your lashes before you put on your mascara can make your lashes look totally plump and oh-so-full!                                                                                     . 
  3. Clear Primer, Before you put on any powder or any mascara, just make sure that you that you are slipping into some clear primer!                                                                                       .     
  4.  Use brown and black mascara! All you do is use brown mascara first, then go lightly over it with the black! It'll give your lashes dimension and make them look so pretty!                                                                                         .              
  5.  Another mascara trick that I use all of the time to really make my lashes look full and thick is applying the mascara to the underside of my lashes.                                                                                               .
  6. By using a zig-zag motion with your brush you can really make sure that each and every lash is coated up and looks beautiful!                                                                                                 .        
  7. Blinking can coat your eyelashes wicked easily and can make sure that even the small, tiny lashes get coated! For me, what I do is I blink, zig-zag and then blink again.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

OOTW - 20/07/14

This is my outfit of the week and it includes the painted shirt i made, the small floral crown i made and the amethyst pendant i made

Saturday, 19 July 2014

My fashion inspiration (xtooclothesforcomfortx.blogspot.com.au)

I know this sounds cheesy but my best friend is the leading inspiration when it comes to my fashion and creativity.
There she is hiding behind me on the morning of my wedding, she is such an amazing person :)

+Vanessa Thornton is an amazing photographer, fabulous fashionista and a tip top friend.
Her blog xtooclothesforcomfortx.blogspot.com.au is full of great photos as she is an amazing photographer and im not just saying that because shes my best friend im saying that shes so good she was one of the photographers at my wedding!

Anytime i have been down or low on confidence she is always about helping you back up again. . .
You see thats what shes all about, she wants everyone to be who they are and who they want to be and not what anyone else wants them to be.

She is also the reason i developed into such a creative person, getting me so excited about what im making and always boosting my confidence. No matter how much i try to repay this wonderful person i will never be able to return the amount she has done for me.

During your travels on the web you should definitely go take a look as you will be left inspired and happy from reading her posts